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This review refers to the Carpeteria on 55th Street in Sacramento, CA

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2013

I used the Carpeteria on 55th Street in Sac a couple of years ago to install new carpet. They did a decent job, although in less than a year I had to have them come back out to re-stretch the carpet. Here's the whole story:

The original carpet installers were very nice, and per our request left the carpet long at the doorway to the bathroom, since we were later planning to install tile and wanted to be able to roll it under to avoid a transition strip.

Fast forward a year (or less) later. We had to have the carpet re-stretched already. This was very annoying, since we had to move all the furniture again, but whatever. This guy (another Carpeteria installer...maybe the same guy who did it the first time, but I'm not sure) put a transition strip (which we didn't ask for) at the doorway to the bathroom. Who cares, right?

Fast forward again. We needed to install vinyl tile in the bathroom instead of regular tile, because our floor there is too flexible for "real" tile. Okay, fine. We purchased two boxes of tile, plus the installation. Each box has 25 tiles. Tile was supposed to be laid on the diagonal, but wasn't. After laying it all wrong, the guy had to rip it all out and start over. The finished job looks alright (not great), but instead of having many tiles leftover, we only have one! Now if we want extra, we have to pay for a whole new box, or just replace the whole floor if a couple of tiles become damaged sometime down the line.

To top it all off, either the 2nd carpet installer or the tile guy CUT OUR CARPET that we were deliberately leaving long. He also cut it all crookedly, and now it doesn't even meet up with the tile so we have no choice but to use a transition strip.

Here's the kicker: when I called Carpeteria to see if they could make it right, the guy on the phone basically said I was lying. He was very rude. Then, instead of transferring me to a manager, or someone who would help me, or at least reimburse me for my missing tiles, he transferred me to a sales guy, who refused to even give us some extra tiles!!

To save yourself a potential headache, my recommendation is to NOT use these guys. Pay a little more and get the job done right. It is one thing to screw up a job, but to refuse to make things right (or even apologize) is unforgivable in my opinion.

Almost forgot to mention that my carpet already needs to be re-stretched again.

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