Company Name: and Address:Carpeteria 17620 Bear Valley rd, Victorville CA, 92395 -Phone: 760-955-9551 Fax: 760-955-9536 Category: - Carpet Sales/Installation/Repair -Services Performed: -Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.Work Completed Date: - December 04, 2012 -Hire Again: - No -Approximate Cost:- $3,142.00Description Of Work: Carpeteria installed a vinyl composite tile in my home, which was defective. Not only was it defective, it was the wrong color.

Mr. Glover over measured the area for tiles by 75 square feet (315 sq feet ordered and 240 sq ft installed) charging $970.00. Mr. Glover also over measured the flooring area for carpet by 21 square yards.

He called for 138 sq yards of carpet. Carpeteria offered a 4-pound pad with an upgrade to a 6-pound pad; the accrual flooring space for carpet was 117 sq yards, which I provided a diagram of to Mr. Glover. This left no doubt that Mr.

Glover knew he was over measuring my flooring space. Carpet Corral came in later & measured and installed 117 square yards of carpet with an 8-pound jade pad,for approximately the same price, $2350.00 for carpet w/8 pound pad and $570,00 for 270 VCT tiles for a total of $2920.00, leaving 30 tiles for future repair, compared to $2172.00 carpet w/ 4pound pad w/ upgrade to 6-pound pad and $ 970.00 for 315 Mannington VCT composition tiles that were defective and the wrong color with only 240 installed which was carpeteria’s price $3,142.00, and retuning 75 tiles to their store with the other same 5000 tiles Carpeteria has in their stock.I contacted Mr. Glover (cell: 760-221-6297) and explained to him what was happening with my flooring and he stated that he would replace the tiles when he installed the carpet. The approximate price for the tiles was $970.00.

The total amount of tiles that he ordered was 315 square feet. The actual amount of tiles he installed was 240 square feet. He actually ordered enough tiles to do two bathrooms and two entryways twice and still had extra tile. Each tile is 12X12 square feet.

A list of tiles returned to the store, tiles installed, and the price for tiles in each location is available. He refused to do anything about it because I was too far away. I live 30 miles from his store. I am in Barstow and his store is in Victorville.

Copies of his letters are available. In order to avoid confrontation, I merely notified the Better Business Bureau. After filing a complaint them, there was some response and the price of the tiles went from $970.00 to $1642.00 dollars. I have this in a recorded phone message and also in letterform.

Copies of this change in price in letters he wrote to the BBB and banks are available No only did I go through the Better Business Bureau, I also went through Bank of America case # 59507008 and US Bank case # 1264902FEB13 Credit Card Companies. They could do nothing for me. They said there was no sign of fraud. Their response letters are available I ended up filing in Small Claims court in Barstow, case Number SMC BS1300139 on August 8, 2013 where I was awarded the judgment of $2650.00, which was the amount of money that I paid to Carpeteria plus cost of court.

The San Bernardino Superior Court of Barstow, Small Claims Court Judgment award is available.The SBSC of Barstow Small Claims court gave Mr. Glover a 30-day grace period to pay this judgment, which was dated Aug 8, 2013. To this date, he has made no arrangements with me to pay the judgment, or try to contact me. I worked with Mr.

Mike Boguslawski; a Consumer Advocate/Reporter. My complaint with Better Business Bureau is number 98748091, My complaint number with the Federal Trade Commission is 48333552. I sent a letter to Mannington VCT Manufacturer corporate headquarters informing them of the damaged tiles (LOT number: 1108 18C, bar code number 544799425 and pattern number 127 which is Warm Beige installed) should have been pattern number 123 Wheat which was ordered. These records and letters are available.I sent Carpeteria a letter of demand for payment to, attention: Joe Glover (Owner) and Anthony Zybura (store manager).

I notified the Contractors State Licensing Board, (CSLB Judgment Unit), who will suspend Mr. Glover’s (License number 866822) as the owner of Carpeteria, if the judgment award is not satisfied. These letters to the CSLB are availableMember Comments: Warning to all consumers in the High Desert, Use Caution, check out reviews. avoid Carpeteria.

If you get caught take Carpeteria to court after all other options are tried. DON’T GIVE UP, there is a fixShare on Band of Neighbors: - Yes

Monetary Loss: $2650.

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