Carpeteria - Most Dishonest Retailer I Have Ever Dealt WithCarpeteria - I ordered vinyl flooring and carpet from Carpeteria at 17260 Bear Valley Road Victorville, CA 92395, Phone # at the office is 760-955-9551 and the proud owner is Joe Glover who’s cell phone # is 760-221-6279, their fax # is 760-955 9536. I picked out the tile I wanted along with the carpet.

The contractor came to my house with seven boxes of floor tile, these were not the color I ordered, but they were okay. The price was $680.00 for the kitchen, and there were 118 tiles installed. $125.00 for one bathroom, which had 23 tiles, installed, $125.00 for the other bathroom and there were 18 tiles installed, at the front entrance there were 24 tiles installed for $20.00 and for another $20.00 there were 16 tiles installed. This was a total of $970.00 for 199 tiles installed.

The contractor installed the tiles, and a couple of days after as I was cleaning up the mess, I began to notice small pocks in some of the tiles, I call Carpeteria and told Joe about the problem, he said the carpet man would replace the tiles. As I continued to clean up I found more and more problems with the tiles, I called Carpeteria again and explained that these had to be defective and damaged tiles, and I ask the manager Joe of Carpeteria to drive to my house so he would evaluate the tile and know what to do about them. Joe had already agreed to replace the tile, but now it was only after I paid him the remainder of the bill, and the carpet man would replace the tiles. I had already paid Carpeteria $2100.00 and expected quality work.

Joe, the Carpeteria manager refused to come to my home stating that it was too far.30 miles from Victorville to Barstow. It was not too far when Joe, the manager of Carpeteria drove to my home with his girlfriend or with to measure my floors, but now it’s too far. When I went to the store I asked how much he charged me for each tile, Joe couldn’t tell me because he didn’t figure it that way. I wanted tiles installed on my floor before the carpet went on, but I wanted to compare prices.

I found the Tiles at Home Depot, and Lowe’s for $0.79 cent each or $33.55 for a box of 45. the only difference was the name, Carpeteria installed Mannington commercial vinyl tile, and the Lowe’s and Home depot sold Armstrong commercial vinyl tiles. Carpeteria wanted $500.00 to install their tiles and I found a tile installer who would do it for $100.00 if I provided the tile. The glue, Roberts vinyl composition tile adhesive cost $12.99 a quart if Carpeteria will not honor their warranty 15 days after the installation, what makes me believe they will honor the 15 year warranty for the tile and the carpet.

I only want the defective tiles replaced. I paid $2100.00 upfront and the tile installed cost $970.00. I am requesting a refund of $1130.00, which is the difference between what the tile cost and what I already paid Carpeteria Plus the replacement of all defective and damaged tiles. I believe all of Carpeteria products are defective and all of the store managers treat the consumer the same way.

My loss for this is $1130.00 plus 40 defective or damaged tiles.

I cannot find the corporate headquarters of Carpeteria to complain, but I will contact the Better Business Bureau at 17311 Lilac St Hesperia CA 92345 phone # 760-948-4881 and complain to them. There will be a follow up to this complaint.

Monetary Loss: $1130.

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